New Sunrise industry of Frozen foods 

In this fast-moving globalization world, one key challenge is balancing limited time. The hassle of buying vegetables, cleaning, storing, chopping and preparing food items for hours in the kitchen can be simply substituted with a few frozen packs of ‘ready to eat’ foods that can be prepared within minutes! With the fast-growing technological innovation and the advantages of frozen food, products have become much more affordable and accessible for consumers globally. Amongst the various options available in the market, ‘frozen foods’ are easy and quick to prepare and serve as a versatile base for custom creations and therefore have become a one-stop solution for the food industry in India. 

The demand for frozen food products is rising during the pandemic and post-pandemic conditions, worldwide. Bizznapop, as a Frozen food distributor we have gained popularity as one the most prominent french fries distributors. We are a distributor to small and large-scale theatres, cafes, restaurants, colleges, theme parks, corporations and other businesses. The frozen food trend is slowly catching up in India because of social media, technology and Western influence. A lot of innovations in frozen foods have seen significant growth in recent years and look poised for continued success in the years to come. In this blog, we will discuss the popularity, trends and growth of the frozen food industry.

Rising Popularity of Frozen Food Products: Drivers of the Frozen Food Market

When we come to the frozen food industry, there are some factors and market drivers that are causing the frozen food market to grow. Two of the main factors that drive the market growth are:

  • Busy, fast-paced Lifestyle of Consumer

Changes in consumer lifestyles are the key factor for the increasing demand on the international market. Due to the shift in lifestyle, eating frozen foods every day has become the standard around the globe. The reasons are the steep rise in dual income levels and standard of living, convenience, the influence of Western countries etc. The majority of people lead busy lifestyles today, and there is a growing demand for products that can be easily and quickly prepared, such as frozen meals. The rising preference for convenience fuels the growing demand for frozen products due to their time-saving and effortless beneficial factor. Significantly, the frozen industry is anticipated to grow due to the rising trend of snacking, especially among teenagers and adults.

  • Rising disposable income 

As people’s incomes increase, they are more likely to spend money on convenience foods such as frozen food. The market is driven by rising disposable income, the introduction of longer shelf-life products, and huge demand for frozen food products due to the lack of time. The market evolved from selling raw foods, such as frozen vegetables, meat, fish, and fruits, to prepared foods frozen vegetable mixes frozen bakery products. 

The Frozen Food Industry Continues to Grow

The advanced technologies have resulted in the affordability of frozen food. The global economy is preparing itself to pick up momentum in the post-pandemic era despite economic fluctuations in the economy all around the world. Despite all the challenges the frozen foods industry remains strong and continues to grow.

Consumer behaviour and consumption patterns have witnessed growth. The frozen food industry in India is still growing. Bizznapop is the leading player in the popcorn kernel supplier and frozen food market. The demand for ready-to-eat food products is rising rapidly due to the radical shift in dietary habits among consumers. The booming urbanization is likely to boost the growth of this trend. The advantages of consistency, cost, and variety are leading to more customers converting from ‘go to frozen’. 

Over the past decade, the ‘eating out’ concept has become a significant part of the Indian consumer’s life due to growing urbanisation and rising income. To meet the rising demand for a quick and tasty bite throughout the day, hotels, pubs and caterers are now focussing on reasonable cost and high-speed consistent solutions. Being a popular frozen food and popcorn raw material distributor, we decided to work closely with customers to first understand their needs and offer solutions that worked for them. However, the frozen food industry is also highly competitive, so we always focus on innovation to stand out. Bizznapopn is a leading frozen food distributor company that uses advanced technology for handling frozen food products and can operate in sub-zero temperatures. Contact us today and visit our website to get more information. 

Fresh DIY Popcorn vending machines, the future of popcorn

Popcorn is a favourite snack for all age groups.  These unique products are not only engaging and entertaining, but they also help to solve some of the current problems facing the food service industry. Now, there are various ways available in the market to directly hand over to the hand of the customer. Using popcorn machines offers a lot of advantages. In this blog post, let’s discuss the benefits of using a popcorn vending machine.

Popcorn is also popular all around the world. With low costs, it is also a very profitable business. The popping process is also very simple. Customers can enjoy the convenience of a self-serve dispenser, where they can fill their bags with just the push of a button. This snack is very very much loved and enjoyed by millions of people both children and adults. Not only this popcorn tastes great but also is a healthy choice that contains more fiber than even bran.

Advantages of Using a Popcorn Vending Machine

Popcorn vending machines are a very convenient way of making popcorn available and fresh everywhere including your home. Because it is such a healthy snack, now schools also have popcorn vending machines available to students. Using a pan or a domestic version can be hectic and limit the amount you can make. These popcorn vending machines also feature stylish traditional designs helping to promote impulse sales. 

There are numerous popcorn vending machines and models of popcorn vending machines. Traditional food service popcorn machines, where a person serves you, are found in department stores, movie theatres, and even flea markets. These vending machines come in duplicate and floor models. These machines have stainless steel kettles and heated popcorn decks to keep them hot. Stand-alone popcorn vending machines found in schools, convenience stores, offices, and even Laundromats are coin-operated. 

These machines are completely automatic and self-cleaning so they don’t require an attendant. The customer can take advantage to watch the whole popping preparation and smell of the popcorn as it pops. Customers can choose their favorite flavor of popcorn tubs and make other choices such as whether they want salt, butter, and the amount of each if they choose to have it put on their popcorn. 

  • Convenience

Popcorn machines are made for hassle-free popcorn preparation. By using only a push-button or a flip switch, you can get freshly popped delicious popcorn within a few minutes. It helps to eliminate the need for monitoring the stove or microwave, making it a hassle-free and convenient option.

  • Healthier Option

 Using a popcorn machine you can control the cooking methods and ingredients. You can find options to choose healthier options like air-popped popcorn, minimizing your requirement for excessive oil and butter. It’s a whole-grain nutritious and healthy snack that can be enjoyed without any guilt.

  • Efficiency

Popcorn machines are specifically made to popcorn kernels evenly and efficiently. These machines utilize heat distribution techniques to ensure maximum popping with minimal popcorn raw materials. This prepares a highly delicious popcorn compared to other processes or methods.

  • Entertainment Factor

 Popcorn machines create a fun and engaging experience for customers. Whether you’re hosting a movie night at home or running a function, the sight, and aroma of freshly popped popcorn boxes enhance the overall mood and adds excitement.

  • Customization

Popcorn machines provide flexibility in popcorn seasoning and flavoring options. It allows you to experiment with different oils, and seasonings, or even create your own popcorn gourmet flavors. It gives the option to customize your popcorn as per your taste preferences.

  • Cost Savings

Popcorn machines also deliver long-term cost savings in comparison to pre-packaged microwave popcorn. By purchasing popcorn premix you can reduce the cost per serving, and make it an economical snack option for events, businesses, and parties.

You can be greatly benefited by starting your own popcorn business, which could be a cart or a gourmet shop and home-based. You can spread joyful deliciousness while making a good living wherever you choose. But before you begin popping away, you would be wise to familiarize yourself with the business process. You can get numerous guides that lay out in business enterprises everything you want to know to launch a popcorn business successfully. 

The Story Of PVR And Multiplex Experience In India

Movies have the superpower of transporting us to different worlds. Movies evoke emotions and create long-lasting memories. A movie-watching experience is incomplete without movie theatres. When it comes to watching movies in theatres, PVR Cinemas has emerged as a game changer in India. PVR Cinema is the largest multiplex chain in India. It has a presence in more than 70 cities across all of India and a few other countries. It has revolutionized the experience of watching movies. It is impossible to think of PVR and not feel the mouth-watering aroma of freshly popped popcorn. Let’s dive deep with Bizznapop, South India’s best French fries distributor and Popcorn raw material supplier into the PVR’s inspiring story and how it has revolutionized the movie-going experience of Indian audience


PVR cinemas has its origin in Vasant Vihar Delhi. The PVR story started as Priya Cinema which Ajay Bijli’s father bought in 1978. Ajay’s family was into the transport business but Ajay Bijli was never interested in that business so he started running Priya Cinemas He did research about the market and demographics and started playing English movies in Priya Cinemas. Somehow he managed to connect with a few Hollywood production studios. He asked them about the screening of Hollywood movies in his theatre but they wanted him to renovate the theatre before running their movies in Priya Cinemas. He renovated Priya Cinemas and installed Dolby Sound inside the theatre. It was one of the few theatres in India back then to have Dolby sound systems. Ajay Bijli wanted to bring the multiplex concept to India so he decided to partner with an Australian Company name Village Roadshow Pictures The PVR company started as a joint venture agreement between Priya Exhibitors Private Limited and Village Roadshow Limited in 1995 with a 60:40 ratio. PVR began commercial operations in June 1997
The very first multiplex of PVR was set up in Saket, New Delhi. This was a significant shift from traditional single-screen theatres to a more modern multiple-screen theatre. Ajay Bijli’s and PVR’s vision was to provide crispy picture quality, world-class amenities and immersive sound systems to enhance the overall movie-going experience for Indian audiences

Growth of PVR

India was a growing market. PVR did not take much time in realising the potential of India and quickly expanded its footprint among big cities of India. PVR is also known for introducing several innovations that helped improved the cinema experience. PVR’s expansion strategy included acquiring single-screen theatres and transforming them into modern multiplexes offering a variety of facilities. PVR did not stop just being a movie theatre chain. To rise up the competition, PVR also produced movies. PVR Pictures at a point produced some of the greatest Hindi movies including Taare Zameen par, Ghajini, Golmaal Returns, Omkara etc.


When it comes to technological advancements in cinema in India, PVR has always been at the forefront. They have their name attached with several innovations to enhance the movie-watching experience. One such enhancement was the introduction of Gold class theatres, a premium theatre that offered luxury seating, gourmet food and other straight-to-seat services.
PVR was always about providing good picture quality and sound experience to customers. PVR pioneered digital projection technology. The company also invested state of the art sound system in all their theatres.
PVR is also the first multiplex in India to introduce 4DX technology which allows viewers to immerse in the movie completely 

PVR Cinema’s inspiring journey is a testament to the power of innovation and perseverance. It also shows how well PVR has understood customers. Starting as a single-screen theatre to becoming the largest multiplex chain in India. PVR has truly changed how we watch movies in India by providing world-class facilities and a phenomenal cinematic experience. BizznaPop will always be proud to be connected with PVR as its Popcorn kernel supplier in Bangalore and South India Bizznapop also provides Popcorn Tubs and Popcorn Machines to theatres and vendors across South India. We offer popcorn tubs in various sizes according to the need of the buyer. These tubs have spaces left for advertisement and branding. We also sell popcorn premixes so that you can easily enjoy the same popcorn experience while watching movies, playing games or simply chilling at home.

Sweet and Savoury: Finding the Perfect Popcorn Seasoning Balance

Popcorn is one such snack that has been enjoyed for centuries. It never fails to satisfy. There is something magical about the aroma of freshly popped popcorn. There will be hardly any person in this world who does not like popcorn.  What makes popcorn so popular is its ability to get transformed just by seasonings. There is a wide variety of seasoning options available. One thing that can elevate your popcorn experience to the next level is finding the perfect balance between sweet and savoury. In this blog, we will explore the art of creating different flavours of sweet and savoury popcorn seasonings that will electrify your taste buds.

Sweet Seasonings

If you have a liking for sweet things, exploring some sweet seasoning of popcorn is a must.
Caramel is one of the most loved sweet popcorn flavours in the world. Most people looking for sweet popcorn will have caramel popcorn as their number-one choice. Drizzle some melted caramel over fresh popcorn, sprinkle a hint of sea salt and mix it gently. The result is an ultimate blend of flavours that will keep craving you for more. 

Chocolate is one of the most used flavours in any food. There are different types of chocolate seasonings available like dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. Chocolate on popcorn is a heavenly combination. It just melts in your mouth and satisfied any chocolate craving. The sweet side of popcorn gives an amazing contrast to the saltiness of the popcorn.

Savoury Seasonings

While sweet popcorn is delicious and fills your heart, savoury popcorn seasonings offer a unique experience.For people who are on the other side of equilibrium and prefer a more savoury experience, there are endless flavours to explore. There are classic options such as cheese, sour cream and onion, and barbecue which can give a salty and tangy kick to your popcorn.
Sprinkle some grated parmesan, cheddar or a mix of cheeses on your popcorn and what you will get is a melted delight in your mouth. If you are adventurous, you can add a touch of heat with chilli or jalapeno seasonings. Apart from these regular seasonings, Bizznapop provides Popcorn seasoning in a lot of different flavours like Barbeque, ButterCheese, Peri Peri etc. Savoury popcorn seasonings are perfect for those looking to add depth to their popcorn. 

Finding the Perfect Balance

Finding the balance between sweet and savoury flavours in popcorn seasoning is an art in itself. The key to finding the perfect balance lies in experimenting with different combinations and quantities until you find the best blend that suits your taste. Just a hint of sweet seasoning can compliment a savoury base. 

Tips To Get The Perfect Popcorn

1) Popcorn Kernel
Choosing high-quality kernels is the first step to getting the perfect taste of popcorn. Bizznapop is the biggest popcorn kernel supplier in South India. We supply high-quality popcorn kernels that pop evenly. We import top-quality popcorn kernels from Argentina, Brazil, South Africa and The United States

2) Distribute the Seasoning Evenly
To experience the best flavour, Seasonings should be distributed evenly. Consider using a shaker or a bowl to mix and coat every piece evenly.

3) Experiment With Combinations

Every person has a distinct taste buds. what you love might not be loved by someone else. There are endless numbers of combinations you can try so don’t be afraid of trying something new. Adjust the amount of seasoning according to your taste preference. 

Finding the perfect balance of sweet and savoury flavour is all about personal preference and high-quality seasonings. BizznaPop offers a wide variety of flavours you can choose from. We also offer a range of popcorn premixes so you don’t miss out on the joy of getting the same popcorn taste every time you eat one. We don’t stop at supplying popcorn premixes and seasonings, we also supply  Popcorn machines and popcorn raw materials all across Karnataka and South India. Choose Bizznapop as your popcorn partner today and get everything you need to make fluffy and mouth-watering popcorn.

Charles Cretors And The Revolution Of Popcorn: Bizznapop Supplying The Iconic Popcorn Machines!

Popcorn is one of the most relished snacks in the world. It goes beyond borders, races, communities and cultures. Nothing gives more joy than seeing a popcorn machine filled with fluffy and tasty popcorn. 

Bizznapop is committed to supplying the best popcorn kernels in South India and has successfully supplied popcorn machines from none other than Charles Cretors’s very own Brand and making.

Although the history of popcorn dates back thousands of years. It was not until 1890 that the first popcorn machine was created by Chicago-based entrepreneur Charles Cretors.

The invention of the popcorn-popping machine is as hilarious as popcorns are. Cretors owned a candy shop in Chicago. 

He wanted to sell freshly roasted nuts at his shop so he ordered a peanut roaster. He started roasting peanuts and selling them but he was not happy with the quality of the machine and the peanut that came out roasted from it. He started tinkering with the machines. He would move parts in and out, create new parts and do anything he could think of to make it better. It took him time to get what he wanted. After a few years of tinkering and updation of the machine, Cretors designed entirely new steam-powered machines. 

The machine was such that it was used for both roasting of nuts and the popping of popcorn. The steam used to heat popcorn kernels ensured that the maximum number of kernels would be heated evenly. Apart from preparing salted popcorn, it also made way to pop your corn in the seasoning anyone wanted directly from the popcorn maker. By the start of the 19th century, Cretors also created a horse-drawn popcorn wagon.
Nowadays businesses use social media to grow their reach but in the 1990s, it was the popcorn wagon that made popcorn popular. The era of fluffy and tasty popcorn began and all thanks to Charles Cretors for his vision and resilience.
BizznaPop, one of the best popcorn kernel suppliers in Bangalore and all over South India carries the same vibe Charles Cretors had. The word popcorn is firmly attached to our name and will forever be attached to us. Bizznapop is one of the largest popcorn machine distributors in South India. We sell popcorn machines to theatre owners and businesses all around the country.

We offer Popcorn Popping machines in different sizes to fit every business’s needs. The Machines are of the highest quality and have a long life, are easily operable and run on the same principle as the first popcorn machine invented by Charles Cretors. These popcorn machines are easily deployable and pop fluffy and tasty popcorn that magically disappears in your mouth leaving a long-lasting impression.

We don’t stop at supplying just popcorn machines. Bizznapop is the best popcorn kernel supplier in South India today. We supply high-quality popcorn kernels to theatres all across South India. 

Bizznapop offers popcorn kernels in variant proportions, making it an easy choice for the vendors to decide the quantity. We import our popcorn kernels from America, Argentina, the USA, South Africa and Brazil. We make sure that the kernels are of the highest quality resulting in the popcorn that tastes the best. 
So we have provided you with popcorn machines and even popcorn kernels, and now you need something to keep the popped popcorn. We also sell popcorn boxes, trays, cones and tubs of different sizes. You can see all our boxes in the popular theatres around India. We also sell popcorn premixes in a range of different flavours. Either you want a buttery flavour or a spicy one. We are here with different seasonings for your different moods. 

While making you joyful by providing tasty and fluffy popcorn is the biggest part of our business, Bizznapop is also one of the biggest frozen food distributors across Karnataka and South India. We supply the tastiest frozen food with a menu that is growing every day.
Every food has a history and culture associated with it. Bizznapop is proud to be associated with such an enriching history of popcorn. Charles Cretors will always remain an inspiration and holy figure for us and we will keep his vision perpetual by providing the best popcorn. So next time you see fluffy popcorn coming out of the popcorn machine, do remember Charles Cretors. If you want the supply of the tastiest and most lip-smacking popcorn or Popcorn premixes, visit us at

The Advent Of Popcorn And Its Proliferation In The Theatre Market: From The Best Popcorn Kernel Suppliers!

Apart from movies, what comes to your mind when you hear the word “Cinema”?

It must be “Popcorn”. Did you feel the aroma of it just by taking its name? You must have. The word “Pop” is already attached to it so no one needs to know how popular Popcorns are. 

The history of popcorn dates back thousands of years. The oldest ears of popcorn found in the caves of Mexico in around 1950 are at least 5000 years old. 

Pieces of evidence have shown the existence of popcorn in Peru, Guatemala and other south places in South America. Apart from eating these delicious treats, Aztecs also used popcorn in ceremonies and decorating clothes.

This explains why popcorn is a big part of the culture of Mexico and other South American countries like Brazil and Argentina. 

Although the popcorn we know now did not always look like this. Earlier, popcorn was made by cooking dried kernels in a frying pan, making them look like parched corn in which kernels with considerably less water were used to curb its ability to pop. Before the popcorn machine was introduced people used to make popcorn on a stove or fireplace. The popularity of popcorn increased when it became more accessible with Charles Cretor inventing the popcorn maker in 1890 and it was at its peak of popularity till the Great Depression. 
While other concession items saw a dip in sales during the Depression, the sales of popcorn increased and one of the main reasons for its increased popularity was Popcorn’s introduction in Theatres.
The love story you now see of Popcorn and movies was not always like this. In the early 1920s, many new movie theatres opened in America which saw an uprise in attendance reaching 25 million movie-goers. At the onset, many theatre owners refused to sell popcorn inside their theatres. They also greatly restricted popcorn, soda and other snacks inside their theatres. They felt popcorns were too messy and would ruin the fancy atmosphere they were creating inside the theatre. But as someone said, “You can’t fight fate”. The fate of the popcorn was already decided. Vendors saw this as an opportunity and started setting up popcorn poppers to sell popcorn to patrons going inside the theatre. Theatre owners slowly understood the business and the demand for popcorn was such that they started selling popcorn inside their theatres. Theatre owners who refused to do so quickly went out of business and had to pull the screens down!
As the best popcorn kernel supplier in South India today, we can say that we have continued the love tales of movies and popcorn, thus providing high-quality popcorn kernels that produce delicious popcorn which stays with you all the way when you smile with joy or cry in tears during the screening of a movie.

What makes us stand out?

Bizznapop offers the best American popcorn kernels, both mushroom and butterfly variants. We offer kernels in different proportions and quantities making it easy for every vendor, business and stall owner to order the amount they need. We don’t stop at only providing popcorn kernels. We also offer popcorn tubs and boxes in different sizes ranging from small individual tubs to large boxes, concession equipment, trays and more. Our classic popcorn boxes and tubs have made their way into almost all the popular theatres, and we are still growing.
Everyone has distinct taste buds, thus we offer a range of popcorn seasonings. From classic butter and salt to cheese, and even spicy, we cater to every tongue. We also offer a range of popcorn premixes and popcorn seasoning so you don’t miss out on the joy of getting the same theatre-like taste while watching a movie or web show in the comfort of your home. Apart from selling popcorn kernels, Bizznapop is also one of the biggest frozen food distributors across Karnataka and South India.

Look out for our article on numerous avenues for businesses at the theatres apart from Popcorn. We offer the entire range.

Bizznapop imports popcorn kernels from Argentina, Brazil, the USA and South Africa. These countries have been attached to popcorn for a long time and are now a part of their culture. We boast of the crunch and the flavour that melts within to burst flavours and delight the heart on every bite. So next time when you eat those fluffy delicious popcorn inside the theatres, do remember us and smile. We love to see you filled with joy. Contact us to learn more about Popcorn kernels. Let’s continue this love story between Popcorn and movies.