The Story Of PVR And Multiplex Experience In India

Movies have the superpower of transporting us to different worlds. Movies evoke emotions and create long-lasting memories. A movie-watching experience is incomplete without movie theatres. When it comes to watching movies in theatres, PVR Cinemas has emerged as a game changer in India. PVR Cinema is the largest multiplex chain in India. It has a presence in more than 70 cities across all of India and a few other countries. It has revolutionized the experience of watching movies. It is impossible to think of PVR and not feel the mouth-watering aroma of freshly popped popcorn. Let’s dive deep with Bizznapop, South India’s best French fries distributor and Popcorn raw material supplier into the PVR’s inspiring story and how it has revolutionized the movie-going experience of Indian audience


PVR cinemas has its origin in Vasant Vihar Delhi. The PVR story started as Priya Cinema which Ajay Bijli’s father bought in 1978. Ajay’s family was into the transport business but Ajay Bijli was never interested in that business so he started running Priya Cinemas He did research about the market and demographics and started playing English movies in Priya Cinemas. Somehow he managed to connect with a few Hollywood production studios. He asked them about the screening of Hollywood movies in his theatre but they wanted him to renovate the theatre before running their movies in Priya Cinemas. He renovated Priya Cinemas and installed Dolby Sound inside the theatre. It was one of the few theatres in India back then to have Dolby sound systems. Ajay Bijli wanted to bring the multiplex concept to India so he decided to partner with an Australian Company name Village Roadshow Pictures The PVR company started as a joint venture agreement between Priya Exhibitors Private Limited and Village Roadshow Limited in 1995 with a 60:40 ratio. PVR began commercial operations in June 1997
The very first multiplex of PVR was set up in Saket, New Delhi. This was a significant shift from traditional single-screen theatres to a more modern multiple-screen theatre. Ajay Bijli’s and PVR’s vision was to provide crispy picture quality, world-class amenities and immersive sound systems to enhance the overall movie-going experience for Indian audiences

Growth of PVR

India was a growing market. PVR did not take much time in realising the potential of India and quickly expanded its footprint among big cities of India. PVR is also known for introducing several innovations that helped improved the cinema experience. PVR’s expansion strategy included acquiring single-screen theatres and transforming them into modern multiplexes offering a variety of facilities. PVR did not stop just being a movie theatre chain. To rise up the competition, PVR also produced movies. PVR Pictures at a point produced some of the greatest Hindi movies including Taare Zameen par, Ghajini, Golmaal Returns, Omkara etc.


When it comes to technological advancements in cinema in India, PVR has always been at the forefront. They have their name attached with several innovations to enhance the movie-watching experience. One such enhancement was the introduction of Gold class theatres, a premium theatre that offered luxury seating, gourmet food and other straight-to-seat services.
PVR was always about providing good picture quality and sound experience to customers. PVR pioneered digital projection technology. The company also invested state of the art sound system in all their theatres.
PVR is also the first multiplex in India to introduce 4DX technology which allows viewers to immerse in the movie completely 

PVR Cinema’s inspiring journey is a testament to the power of innovation and perseverance. It also shows how well PVR has understood customers. Starting as a single-screen theatre to becoming the largest multiplex chain in India. PVR has truly changed how we watch movies in India by providing world-class facilities and a phenomenal cinematic experience. BizznaPop will always be proud to be connected with PVR as its Popcorn kernel supplier in Bangalore and South India Bizznapop also provides Popcorn Tubs and Popcorn Machines to theatres and vendors across South India. We offer popcorn tubs in various sizes according to the need of the buyer. These tubs have spaces left for advertisement and branding. We also sell popcorn premixes so that you can easily enjoy the same popcorn experience while watching movies, playing games or simply chilling at home.

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