Charles Cretors And The Revolution Of Popcorn: Bizznapop Supplying The Iconic Popcorn Machines!

Popcorn is one of the most relished snacks in the world. It goes beyond borders, races, communities and cultures. Nothing gives more joy than seeing a popcorn machine filled with fluffy and tasty popcorn. 

Bizznapop is committed to supplying the best popcorn kernels in South India and has successfully supplied popcorn machines from none other than Charles Cretors’s very own Brand and making.

Although the history of popcorn dates back thousands of years. It was not until 1890 that the first popcorn machine was created by Chicago-based entrepreneur Charles Cretors.

The invention of the popcorn-popping machine is as hilarious as popcorns are. Cretors owned a candy shop in Chicago. 

He wanted to sell freshly roasted nuts at his shop so he ordered a peanut roaster. He started roasting peanuts and selling them but he was not happy with the quality of the machine and the peanut that came out roasted from it. He started tinkering with the machines. He would move parts in and out, create new parts and do anything he could think of to make it better. It took him time to get what he wanted. After a few years of tinkering and updation of the machine, Cretors designed entirely new steam-powered machines. 

The machine was such that it was used for both roasting of nuts and the popping of popcorn. The steam used to heat popcorn kernels ensured that the maximum number of kernels would be heated evenly. Apart from preparing salted popcorn, it also made way to pop your corn in the seasoning anyone wanted directly from the popcorn maker. By the start of the 19th century, Cretors also created a horse-drawn popcorn wagon.
Nowadays businesses use social media to grow their reach but in the 1990s, it was the popcorn wagon that made popcorn popular. The era of fluffy and tasty popcorn began and all thanks to Charles Cretors for his vision and resilience.
BizznaPop, one of the best popcorn kernel suppliers in Bangalore and all over South India carries the same vibe Charles Cretors had. The word popcorn is firmly attached to our name and will forever be attached to us. Bizznapop is one of the largest popcorn machine distributors in South India. We sell popcorn machines to theatre owners and businesses all around the country.

We offer Popcorn Popping machines in different sizes to fit every business’s needs. The Machines are of the highest quality and have a long life, are easily operable and run on the same principle as the first popcorn machine invented by Charles Cretors. These popcorn machines are easily deployable and pop fluffy and tasty popcorn that magically disappears in your mouth leaving a long-lasting impression.

We don’t stop at supplying just popcorn machines. Bizznapop is the best popcorn kernel supplier in South India today. We supply high-quality popcorn kernels to theatres all across South India. 

Bizznapop offers popcorn kernels in variant proportions, making it an easy choice for the vendors to decide the quantity. We import our popcorn kernels from America, Argentina, the USA, South Africa and Brazil. We make sure that the kernels are of the highest quality resulting in the popcorn that tastes the best. 
So we have provided you with popcorn machines and even popcorn kernels, and now you need something to keep the popped popcorn. We also sell popcorn boxes, trays, cones and tubs of different sizes. You can see all our boxes in the popular theatres around India. We also sell popcorn premixes in a range of different flavours. Either you want a buttery flavour or a spicy one. We are here with different seasonings for your different moods. 

While making you joyful by providing tasty and fluffy popcorn is the biggest part of our business, Bizznapop is also one of the biggest frozen food distributors across Karnataka and South India. We supply the tastiest frozen food with a menu that is growing every day.
Every food has a history and culture associated with it. Bizznapop is proud to be associated with such an enriching history of popcorn. Charles Cretors will always remain an inspiration and holy figure for us and we will keep his vision perpetual by providing the best popcorn. So next time you see fluffy popcorn coming out of the popcorn machine, do remember Charles Cretors. If you want the supply of the tastiest and most lip-smacking popcorn or Popcorn premixes, visit us at

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