The Advent Of Popcorn And Its Proliferation In The Theatre Market: From The Best Popcorn Kernel Suppliers!

Apart from movies, what comes to your mind when you hear the word “Cinema”?

It must be “Popcorn”. Did you feel the aroma of it just by taking its name? You must have. The word “Pop” is already attached to it so no one needs to know how popular Popcorns are. 

The history of popcorn dates back thousands of years. The oldest ears of popcorn found in the caves of Mexico in around 1950 are at least 5000 years old. 

Pieces of evidence have shown the existence of popcorn in Peru, Guatemala and other south places in South America. Apart from eating these delicious treats, Aztecs also used popcorn in ceremonies and decorating clothes.

This explains why popcorn is a big part of the culture of Mexico and other South American countries like Brazil and Argentina. 

Although the popcorn we know now did not always look like this. Earlier, popcorn was made by cooking dried kernels in a frying pan, making them look like parched corn in which kernels with considerably less water were used to curb its ability to pop. Before the popcorn machine was introduced people used to make popcorn on a stove or fireplace. The popularity of popcorn increased when it became more accessible with Charles Cretor inventing the popcorn maker in 1890 and it was at its peak of popularity till the Great Depression. 
While other concession items saw a dip in sales during the Depression, the sales of popcorn increased and one of the main reasons for its increased popularity was Popcorn’s introduction in Theatres.
The love story you now see of Popcorn and movies was not always like this. In the early 1920s, many new movie theatres opened in America which saw an uprise in attendance reaching 25 million movie-goers. At the onset, many theatre owners refused to sell popcorn inside their theatres. They also greatly restricted popcorn, soda and other snacks inside their theatres. They felt popcorns were too messy and would ruin the fancy atmosphere they were creating inside the theatre. But as someone said, “You can’t fight fate”. The fate of the popcorn was already decided. Vendors saw this as an opportunity and started setting up popcorn poppers to sell popcorn to patrons going inside the theatre. Theatre owners slowly understood the business and the demand for popcorn was such that they started selling popcorn inside their theatres. Theatre owners who refused to do so quickly went out of business and had to pull the screens down!
As the best popcorn kernel supplier in South India today, we can say that we have continued the love tales of movies and popcorn, thus providing high-quality popcorn kernels that produce delicious popcorn which stays with you all the way when you smile with joy or cry in tears during the screening of a movie.

What makes us stand out?

Bizznapop offers the best American popcorn kernels, both mushroom and butterfly variants. We offer kernels in different proportions and quantities making it easy for every vendor, business and stall owner to order the amount they need. We don’t stop at only providing popcorn kernels. We also offer popcorn tubs and boxes in different sizes ranging from small individual tubs to large boxes, concession equipment, trays and more. Our classic popcorn boxes and tubs have made their way into almost all the popular theatres, and we are still growing.
Everyone has distinct taste buds, thus we offer a range of popcorn seasonings. From classic butter and salt to cheese, and even spicy, we cater to every tongue. We also offer a range of popcorn premixes and popcorn seasoning so you don’t miss out on the joy of getting the same theatre-like taste while watching a movie or web show in the comfort of your home. Apart from selling popcorn kernels, Bizznapop is also one of the biggest frozen food distributors across Karnataka and South India.

Look out for our article on numerous avenues for businesses at the theatres apart from Popcorn. We offer the entire range.

Bizznapop imports popcorn kernels from Argentina, Brazil, the USA and South Africa. These countries have been attached to popcorn for a long time and are now a part of their culture. We boast of the crunch and the flavour that melts within to burst flavours and delight the heart on every bite. So next time when you eat those fluffy delicious popcorn inside the theatres, do remember us and smile. We love to see you filled with joy. Contact us to learn more about Popcorn kernels. Let’s continue this love story between Popcorn and movies. 

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