New Sunrise industry of Frozen foods 

In this fast-moving globalization world, one key challenge is balancing limited time. The hassle of buying vegetables, cleaning, storing, chopping and preparing food items for hours in the kitchen can be simply substituted with a few frozen packs of ‘ready to eat’ foods that can be prepared within minutes! With the fast-growing technological innovation and the advantages of frozen food, products have become much more affordable and accessible for consumers globally. Amongst the various options available in the market, ‘frozen foods’ are easy and quick to prepare and serve as a versatile base for custom creations and therefore have become a one-stop solution for the food industry in India. 

The demand for frozen food products is rising during the pandemic and post-pandemic conditions, worldwide. Bizznapop, as a Frozen food distributor we have gained popularity as one the most prominent french fries distributors. We are a distributor to small and large-scale theatres, cafes, restaurants, colleges, theme parks, corporations and other businesses. The frozen food trend is slowly catching up in India because of social media, technology and Western influence. A lot of innovations in frozen foods have seen significant growth in recent years and look poised for continued success in the years to come. In this blog, we will discuss the popularity, trends and growth of the frozen food industry.

Rising Popularity of Frozen Food Products: Drivers of the Frozen Food Market

When we come to the frozen food industry, there are some factors and market drivers that are causing the frozen food market to grow. Two of the main factors that drive the market growth are:

  • Busy, fast-paced Lifestyle of Consumer

Changes in consumer lifestyles are the key factor for the increasing demand on the international market. Due to the shift in lifestyle, eating frozen foods every day has become the standard around the globe. The reasons are the steep rise in dual income levels and standard of living, convenience, the influence of Western countries etc. The majority of people lead busy lifestyles today, and there is a growing demand for products that can be easily and quickly prepared, such as frozen meals. The rising preference for convenience fuels the growing demand for frozen products due to their time-saving and effortless beneficial factor. Significantly, the frozen industry is anticipated to grow due to the rising trend of snacking, especially among teenagers and adults.

  • Rising disposable income 

As people’s incomes increase, they are more likely to spend money on convenience foods such as frozen food. The market is driven by rising disposable income, the introduction of longer shelf-life products, and huge demand for frozen food products due to the lack of time. The market evolved from selling raw foods, such as frozen vegetables, meat, fish, and fruits, to prepared foods frozen vegetable mixes frozen bakery products. 

The Frozen Food Industry Continues to Grow

The advanced technologies have resulted in the affordability of frozen food. The global economy is preparing itself to pick up momentum in the post-pandemic era despite economic fluctuations in the economy all around the world. Despite all the challenges the frozen foods industry remains strong and continues to grow.

Consumer behaviour and consumption patterns have witnessed growth. The frozen food industry in India is still growing. Bizznapop is the leading player in the popcorn kernel supplier and frozen food market. The demand for ready-to-eat food products is rising rapidly due to the radical shift in dietary habits among consumers. The booming urbanization is likely to boost the growth of this trend. The advantages of consistency, cost, and variety are leading to more customers converting from ‘go to frozen’. 

Over the past decade, the ‘eating out’ concept has become a significant part of the Indian consumer’s life due to growing urbanisation and rising income. To meet the rising demand for a quick and tasty bite throughout the day, hotels, pubs and caterers are now focussing on reasonable cost and high-speed consistent solutions. Being a popular frozen food and popcorn raw material distributor, we decided to work closely with customers to first understand their needs and offer solutions that worked for them. However, the frozen food industry is also highly competitive, so we always focus on innovation to stand out. Bizznapopn is a leading frozen food distributor company that uses advanced technology for handling frozen food products and can operate in sub-zero temperatures. Contact us today and visit our website to get more information. 

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