Big Cine Expo 2023: Mega Event on 8th & 9th Aug

Network208 is a popular media company that has a strong marketing connection in various business areas, including Advertising, Magazine Publishing, Event Organizing, Design Printing Services, B2B online, etc. This company offers a better platform for the cinema and diverse B2B business internationally. 

As one of the most reputed popcorn kernel suppliers Bizznapop is going to participate in the most prestigious mega event to explore more knowledge. A quarterly magazine published by Network208 named ‘TheatreWorld’ organizes the International Convention and Tradeshow for Malls, Single-Screen, and Multiplex Cinemas, known as the ‘Big Cine Expo’. 

Big Cine Expo is held with high respect for all stakeholders in the cinema exhibition industry as a means to network with diverse business areas. The magazine has witnessed the great changes from Film-reel Cinema to Digital Cinema. By getting connected with the magazine the B2B stakeholders will get tremendous opportunities to launch their brand or product in the world of the Cinema industry. Theater World also inaugurated CineConf, a leading webinar platform that aims to connect the cinema exhibition community and its different business stakeholders. The webinar platform aims to discuss the emerging technology trends and debates confronting the global cinema exhibition community.

About Big Cine Expo 2023: the Mega Event 

Big Cine Expo 2023 is an international exhibition and trade fair for single-screen cinema, multiplex cinema industry, mall, and B2B stakeholders. This Mega event will be held from 08- 09 Aug 2023 at Chennai Trade Centre Chennai, India. Looking forward to seeing you at our Big Cine Expo 2023 in Chennai, India.

About Venue:

This mega event will be held at Chennai Trade Centre, which a popular convention and exhibition center which is located in Nandambakkam, Chennai, India. This trade fair center is one of the largest centers in South India. Here a variety of national and international exhibitions, and trade fairs including trade shows, seminars, and conferences were held. This venue has many features such as a conference hall, four exhibition halls, and a multi-cuisine food court. This exhibition center is located at Nandambakkam. From Chennai International Airport, it takes 5.5 km to reach the place. Overall, The Chennai trade center plays a crucial role while facilitating exhibitions, trade fairs,  trade, commerce, and tourism in all of Chennai and South Asia.

Exhibitor Product Profile

Profile of exhibit based on Screens, 3D Glasses, 3D Systems,  4D Systems, E-Cinema,  Digital Cinema Projectors, Speakers, Amplifiers, Theatre Technicians, Processors, Servers, Lighting, Seating, Signage, TMS, Acoustics, Cinema, Automation, Carpet, Concession, In-Theatre Dining, Box-office, Lamps, Amusement, Gaming, Architecture,  Immersive Seating, Ticketing, Kiosks, Mobile Payment, Cables, Popcorn boxes, Merchandise, Real Estate, HVAC, Interior Designers, and Franchising.

Visitor Profile 

Professionals attending Big Cine Expo 2023 is a valued and interactive platform for theatre owners, equipment manufacturers, design consultants, system integrators, popcorn kernel suppliers, project management professionals, studios, industry stakeholders, frozen food distributors, and the single-screen cinema community and multiplex cinema entertainment in India. 

Professional business owners like Theatre Top Management,  Cinema Theatre Owners, Cinema Theatre Contractors, Cinema Consultants, Theatre Consultants, Mall Operators, Theatre Managers, Cinema Interior Designers, Architects, AV Installers, Popcorn seasoning, Theatre Technicians, Projectionists, Lighting Specialists, Sound Specialists,  Acoustical Consultants, Cinema Distributors, and top studio operator.

Big Cine Expo Provides Tremendous Opportunity for Business Platforms

This exceptionally exclusive and prominent event will provide a lot of prospects for business and networking opportunities. Once again Big Cine Expo is going to organize an interactive platform where B2B stakeholders of entertainment will be highly benefited. Being the only cinema exhibition convention and trade show in Asia and India, the event aims as a learning center for building best-in-class cinemas. The 2-day mega event promotes a platform for discovery, networking, and collaboration for the cinema and entertainment exhibition industry in India. 

The Mega event will facilitate Product Displays, Product Presentations,  Demos, Seminars, Studio Presentations, Awards Programs, Special Events, Panel Discussions,  Film Screenings as well as B2B meetings and trade shows. This event was packed with demonstrations and debates from diverse brands.

Bizznapop is successfully leading in offering innovative methods for popcorn raw material distribution and popcorn tubs to small and large theatres, restaurants, colleges, and other businesses across South India. We are going to participate in this mega event to explore more business techniques and ideas and display our product and share our perspective globally. Because Big Cine Expo offers a great opportunity for both national and international B2B suppliers to display their products and services and also to share their knowledge of their platforms.

Popcorn Machines: How to Start And Succeed in Popcorn Business

How to Launch and Flourish with Popcorn Machine! Light up Your Entrepreneurial Journey like Bizznapop.

Are you looking to embark on a business adventure that’s both fun and profitable? 

Look no further than the world of popcorn! With the help of popcorn machines, you can turn your love for this classic snack into a thriving popcorn business. In this guide, we’ll show you how Biznapop started and succeeded with popcorn machines, from sourcing the best raw materials to delighting your customers with enticing popcorn flavours served in stylish boxes and tubs. So, let’s get poppin’!

Sourcing Quality Popcorn Machines:

To begin your popcorn venture, it’s crucial to invest in a reliable popcorn machine. Bizznapop is renowned for its high-quality machine supply that makes popping popcorn a breeze. Their modern and user-friendly designs ensure consistent results and efficient production. Remember, a sturdy and efficient popcorn machine is the heart of your business, so choose wisely.

Finding the Perfect Popcorn Boxes and Tubs:

Presentation is key when it comes to attracting customers, and Bizznapop has got you covered with a wide range of eye-catching popcorn boxes and tubs. From vibrant designs to sleek and modern packaging, these containers will make your popcorn stand out from the competition. Remember, first impressions matter, so ensure your packaging reflects the quality of your delicious popcorn.

Jazzing it Up with Popcorn Seasonings:

To keep your customers coming back for more, offer a variety of popcorn flavours with the help of Bizznapop’s popcorn seasonings. Whether it’s classic buttery goodness, zesty cheese or spicy options, these seasonings will elevate your popcorn to new heights. Encourage your customers to experiment and try different combinations, giving them a reason to keep coming back for more.

Sourcing Top-Notch Popcorn Raw Materials:

Behind every delicious batch of popcorn is high-quality raw material, and Bizznapop understands the importance of sourcing the best. Choose popcorn kernels that are fresh, plump, and of premium quality. The freshness and taste of your popcorn will be directly influenced by the raw materials you use, so don’t skimp on this essential ingredient.

Spreading the Popcorn Joy:

Now that you have your popcorn machine, packaging, seasonings, and Popcorn raw materials sorted, it’s time to let the world know about your popcorn business. Embrace the power of social media to create buzz and attract customers. Share enticing images and videos of your popcorn creations, engage with your followers, and run promotions to increase your customer base. Word-of-mouth is also a powerful tool, so encourage satisfied customers to spread popcorn joy by recommending your business to their friends and family.

Starting a popcorn business with Bizznapop’s popcorn machines can be a thrilling and profitable endeavour. By investing in a reliable machine, sourcing top-notch raw materials, using attractive packaging, and offering a variety of delicious flavours, you’ll be on your way to becoming a popcorn sensation. Remember, success doesn’t come overnight, but with perseverance, creativity, and a pinch of entrepreneurial spirit, your popcorn business will thrive. So, get ready to pop your way to success with Bizznapop’s popcorn machine and enjoy the delightful journey ahead!

Remember, the road to success is like a bag of popcorn kernels: it starts small but has the potential to burst into something extraordinary. So, go ahead, take that leap, and let the popping adventure begin!

The Popcorn Culture at Amusement Parks

Amusement parks have always been heaven for adventure enthusiasts. They offer a wide range of entertainment and other attractions. The amusement parks are known for giving memories that last a lifetime. There is a kind of magic to the amusement parks and popcorn is something that adds to that magic. Popcorn is one of the iconic snacks in amusement parks all around the world. There is a correlation between Amusement parks and popcorn. Amusement parks are crowded places and popcorn is a snack which is a crowd-pleaser due to its versatility of having such wonderful flavours. Whenever you visit an amusement park, you will be able to sense the tantalizing aroma of freshly popped popcorn in the air. The aroma of popcorn instantly evokes a nostalgic feeling. As a Popcorn kernel supplier, It is heart-filling to see the joy on people’s faces when they eat popcorn. In this blog, we will go into the rabbit hole of popcorn culture and discover why such a simple snack has become an integral part of the amusement park experience.

The Long Friendship of Popcorn and Amusement Parks 

Amusement parks and popcorn together are not just another combination. Popcorn has a very long history with amusement parks. The roots of it trace back to the late 19th century. Long back it became one of the most popular treats at fairs and carnivals. As amusement parks gained popularity, popcorn vendors started setting up shops offering popcorn to the park-goers. Over the years, popcorn became synonymous with the amazing experience of amusement parks. 

One of the reasons popcorn became such a hit at the amusement park was its taste and portability. Popcorn is a snack which you can just put in popcorn tubs and start roaming in the park. It is not like something you would have to stand and eat. Popcorn can be eaten while watching a show in a park or even waiting in line for a ride. Just a view of Popcorn machines and your heart will be filled with joy. Such is the magic of popcorn which creates an irresistible allure and it becomes a must-have treat during amusement parks visit.

The versatility of popcorn is one of the reasons that makes it appealing to a wide range of people with different taste preferences. Whether you prefer buttery popcorn or chocolate-coated popcorn, amusement parks offer a variety of flavours to cater for every plate. There are a lot of things which taste very good and it is also convenient to carry around in parks like french fries but they did not become as popular as popcorn and the reason being the sense of nostalgia and tradition attached with the popcorn. We all be having some memories of munching on popcorn inside an amusement park.

Popcorn In Recent Amusement Park Culture

Everyone and everything has been affected in a good or bad way due to capitalisation.
Amusement parks recently have embraced the popcorn culture by elevating the whole popcorn culture. Amusement parks these days are offering gourmet popcorn and unique flavour combinations. Park visitors can now savour popcorn flavours that go beyond the
Traditional flavours create an indulgent experience. Such is the craze of popcorn that the amusement parks also offer popcorn in themed popcorn boxes. Amusement Parks have also realised the potential of popcorn as a merchandise item. Popcorn-themed clothing and popcorn-scented candles have also become popular among park visitors. Amusement parks are also selling popcorn-themed keychains. The main purpose of this merchandise is to serve as mementoes. These merchandises allow visitors to take back home a piece of popcorn culture. These items not only serve as reminders of the experience at amusement park visits but also act as a way for people to express their love for popcorn and amusement parks.

The Popcorn culture at the amusement parks is an old and unique tradition and it is no surprise that it has stood the test of time. Generations changed, and their outing and food habits changed. Such big changes have also not affected the popcorn culture, in fact, the bond between amusement parks and popcorn has only strengthened. The mouth-watering aroma, the convenience and the traditions involved with popcorn have made it an integral part of the amusement park experience.

We at BizznaPop, South India’s Largest popcorn kernel supplier are always thrilled to talk about popcorn. We supply popcorn machines to theme parks, movie theatres and vendors in Bangalore. It is heartwarming to see people enjoying their popcorn. To make popcorn even more enjoyable, we also sell popcorn seasoning. We have a lot of variety of these popcorn seasonings so you don’t miss the same joy you get while eating popcorn at an amusement park.

Sweet and Savoury: Finding the Perfect Popcorn Seasoning Balance

Popcorn is one such snack that has been enjoyed for centuries. It never fails to satisfy. There is something magical about the aroma of freshly popped popcorn. There will be hardly any person in this world who does not like popcorn.  What makes popcorn so popular is its ability to get transformed just by seasonings. There is a wide variety of seasoning options available. One thing that can elevate your popcorn experience to the next level is finding the perfect balance between sweet and savoury. In this blog, we will explore the art of creating different flavours of sweet and savoury popcorn seasonings that will electrify your taste buds.

Sweet Seasonings

If you have a liking for sweet things, exploring some sweet seasoning of popcorn is a must.
Caramel is one of the most loved sweet popcorn flavours in the world. Most people looking for sweet popcorn will have caramel popcorn as their number-one choice. Drizzle some melted caramel over fresh popcorn, sprinkle a hint of sea salt and mix it gently. The result is an ultimate blend of flavours that will keep craving you for more. 

Chocolate is one of the most used flavours in any food. There are different types of chocolate seasonings available like dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. Chocolate on popcorn is a heavenly combination. It just melts in your mouth and satisfied any chocolate craving. The sweet side of popcorn gives an amazing contrast to the saltiness of the popcorn.

Savoury Seasonings

While sweet popcorn is delicious and fills your heart, savoury popcorn seasonings offer a unique experience.For people who are on the other side of equilibrium and prefer a more savoury experience, there are endless flavours to explore. There are classic options such as cheese, sour cream and onion, and barbecue which can give a salty and tangy kick to your popcorn.
Sprinkle some grated parmesan, cheddar or a mix of cheeses on your popcorn and what you will get is a melted delight in your mouth. If you are adventurous, you can add a touch of heat with chilli or jalapeno seasonings. Apart from these regular seasonings, Bizznapop provides Popcorn seasoning in a lot of different flavours like Barbeque, ButterCheese, Peri Peri etc. Savoury popcorn seasonings are perfect for those looking to add depth to their popcorn. 

Finding the Perfect Balance

Finding the balance between sweet and savoury flavours in popcorn seasoning is an art in itself. The key to finding the perfect balance lies in experimenting with different combinations and quantities until you find the best blend that suits your taste. Just a hint of sweet seasoning can compliment a savoury base. 

Tips To Get The Perfect Popcorn

1) Popcorn Kernel
Choosing high-quality kernels is the first step to getting the perfect taste of popcorn. Bizznapop is the biggest popcorn kernel supplier in South India. We supply high-quality popcorn kernels that pop evenly. We import top-quality popcorn kernels from Argentina, Brazil, South Africa and The United States

2) Distribute the Seasoning Evenly
To experience the best flavour, Seasonings should be distributed evenly. Consider using a shaker or a bowl to mix and coat every piece evenly.

3) Experiment With Combinations

Every person has a distinct taste buds. what you love might not be loved by someone else. There are endless numbers of combinations you can try so don’t be afraid of trying something new. Adjust the amount of seasoning according to your taste preference. 

Finding the perfect balance of sweet and savoury flavour is all about personal preference and high-quality seasonings. BizznaPop offers a wide variety of flavours you can choose from. We also offer a range of popcorn premixes so you don’t miss out on the joy of getting the same popcorn taste every time you eat one. We don’t stop at supplying popcorn premixes and seasonings, we also supply  Popcorn machines and popcorn raw materials all across Karnataka and South India. Choose Bizznapop as your popcorn partner today and get everything you need to make fluffy and mouth-watering popcorn.