Wondered about the post-Covid scenario of Single Screen Theatres? Find out

Covid has brought several changes in society, one of which is noticeable in the field of entertainment. The overall health of people has been greatly affected due to the changes caused in the health conditions or the scar left back in the minds of the afflicted ones.

Deprived of our usual urban spectacles, we are denied the spectacle of sprawling evening-lit streets, the hustle and bustle of overcrowded malls, the symphony of constant loud music in cafeterias, and the tantalizing aroma of vendors serving their scrumptious snacks. Once a bastion of regional and Bollywood movies, the single-screen theatre has fallen from grace in the wake of Covid, with plummeting sales reflecting a stark contrast in audience preference for the more glamorous multiplex experience, which is now the order of the day. No longer do we see the iconic imagery of single-screen theatres immortalized on the silver screen, as the glory days of this cinema style fade into the mists of time.

 As the leading popcorn supplier in Bangalore and South India, we empathize with the unique challenges that the post-Covid scenario has brought forth. The pandemic-induced apprehension has irrevocably altered the cinema landscape. Yet, we remain steadfast in our belief that the communal experience of watching movies on the big screen is an essential part of our culture. That is why we are committed to supporting both single-screen theatres and large multiplexes in providing the best possible experience for their customers, as we navigate the uncertain terrain of the new normal.

Despite having been around for more than 25 years, the majority of single-screen theatres have lost their cherished and devoted local patronage.

Now, post-Covid, the worst they can hope for in a 600-seat theatre is just over half full. Lockdowns were implemented during the outbreak for weeks on end. The entertainment industry experienced a never-before-seen decline as a result. Numerous smaller theatres and single-screen halls had to close their doors while the larger movie theatre companies managed to remain due to their ability to absorb the losses. The underwhelming box office performance of movies in 2021 and 2022 prevented many theatres from reopening.

Most firms nowadays have fewer than 10 permanent employees. They also have to spend extensively on high maintenance fees and overhead expenses like electricity. Even occasionally receive partial or delayed payments.

One grieved manager states that the condition will only improve if the local crowd moves out of their homes and out of their comfort zone of working from home. The cab drivers, workers, restaurant helpers, and masons all of these working classes

have faced heavy losses during Covid. Some of them have even lost their jobs and are barely able to meet ends. Movies are now a luxury for them. Amidst the bleakness of their current predicament, they yearn for a miracle to pierce through the clouds of despair, a shining silver lining to illuminate their path forward.

Let us take a moment amidst all these discussions to indulge in a bit of reimagining – what truly makes the movie-going experience the very best it can be?

One of the key components of the movie-going experience is, of course, the popcorn. As a popcorn kernel supplier, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality popcorn kernels that produce fluffy, delicious popcorn every time. Our kernels are available in a variety of sizes and quantities, making it easy for theatres of all sizes to order the amount they need.

In addition to popcorn kernels, we also offer a range of popcorn tubs and popcorn boxes to suit every need. Our popcorn tubs come in a variety of sizes, from small individual portions to large buckets for sharing, and can be customized with theatre branding or other promotional messages. Our popcorn boxes, meanwhile, offer a more traditional movie theatre look and feel, with classic red-and-white stripes and space for branding or advertising.

Of course, no popcorn experience is complete without the right seasoning. We offer a range of popcorn seasoning options, from classic butter and salt to more adventurous flavours like cheese, and even spicy. Whatever your customers’ tastes, we have a seasoning that will take their popcorn to the next level.

As the movie theatre industry navigates the post-Covid landscape, we are committed to supporting our customers and helping them provide the best possible experience for their audiences. Whether you’re a single-screen theatre looking to enhance your popcorn offerings or a new theatre looking for a reliable popcorn supplier, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our popcorn kernels and accessories supplies. 

With recent movies being released featuring some of the most popular actors, the moviegoers will be persuaded from deep within to whistle out loud and cheer for their favourite celebrities as their admirers. This is the only hope for the small-screen theatres to not only rank in income but also a few dozen can be expected to reopen on public demand. Our fingers are crossed for these legendary all-time landmarks.

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