How Restaurants are Making an Extra Profit Using Popcorn

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Popcorn is a popular and widely consumed snack, especially in movie theatres. Popcorn is also consumed at home, at parties, and during similar festive occasions. The crunchy popcorn balls are often associated with any special event that you spend with your loved ones. Starting a popcorn business can be an exciting venture, and there are many aspects to consider when running such a business. 

Popcorn is also one of the healthy snacks to choose from. Due to its uniqueness, it’s an ideal choice for a business. For restaurants to make significant extra profits solely through popcorn, some establishments incorporate popcorn strategically for various reasons. Let’s explore a few tips on how restaurants get profitable and leverage popcorn for added value.

Appetiser or Complimentary Snack:

Some restaurants offer complimentary popcorn as an appetiser or pre-meal snack. This tasty and delicious popcorn can create a welcoming atmosphere and keep customers occupied while waiting for their orders. While the popcorn itself might not be a significant revenue source, it can enhance the overall dining experience.

Branding and Atmosphere:

Restaurants may use popcorn strategically as part of their theme or branding. For example, a movie-themed restaurant might serve popcorn cones to enhance the cinematic atmosphere. While not directly generating revenue, this contributes to the overall customer experience and theme.

Speciality Popcorn Products:

Some restaurants may offer specialty popcorn products as part of their menu. This could include gourmet popcorn flavours, popcorn-based desserts, or even popcorn-infused dishes. These unique offerings can attract customers and provide an additional revenue stream.

Events and Catering:

Restaurants that offer catering services or host events may include popcorn as part of their catering packages. Popcorn is a popular and cost-effective snack that can be easily incorporated into various events, contributing to the restaurant’s overall profitability.

Party Snack:

Pubs and bars often provide popcorn as a cost-effective and simple snack to accompany drinks. This encourages patrons to order more beverages while enjoying a light and salty snack.

Takeout and Delivery Packages:

Including a small bag of popcorn in takeout or delivery packages can be a creative way to surprise and delight customers. While this may not directly generate profits, it can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. It’s important to note that the profitability of using popcorn tubs in a restaurant largely depends on the specific implementation and the overall business strategy. While popcorn may not be a primary source of revenue, it can contribute to customer satisfaction, create a unique atmosphere, and complement other offerings on the menu.

Create and Execute a Marketing Plan

Everyone needs to advertise! They use plenty of advertising options depending on their budget: Digital, print, TV and radio are just a few. They tie up by joining a local chamber of commerce. It’s a great way for restaurant owners to mingle within the community by meeting potential customers and local business owners. 

Offering Specials and Coupons

This is a great way to make their restaurants stay busy without taking up additional table space during busier hours. They open up their restaurant to people by offering special coupons so they can enjoy their dishes at their own convenience. They offer special coupons or discount cards on popcorn boxes in addition to daily specials. It seems like they are expressing the importance of attracting new customers and providing them with a positive experience to encourage their repeat business. They are able to generate more revenue by following this strategy.


Customer satisfaction is their number one priority. If a customer leaves feeling satisfied they may come back and will likely share positive reviews with friends and family. So they comp a meal, offer a free round of drinks or better yet, a discount card and a free item for their next visit. Being a renowned popcorn kernel supplier, Bizznapop has a great reputation for delivering one-stop solutions for popcorn-related types of equipment like popcorn machines and raw materials. We are popular as a leader in offering advanced solutions for raw materials supply, to small and large theatres, restaurants, cafes, theme parks and other businesses across South India with exceptional services which help them to generate higher profits for businesses. 

Restaurants often use advanced tips and ideas that work best for them. One thing that business owners should keep in mind is that the profit of this business may vary based on location, customer demographics and market trends. It’s also important for restaurants to adapt and experiment with innovative strategies to find what works best for their target audience. 

Here, we have explored some strategies for restaurants based on customer’s preferences. If you want to gain more knowledge about Popcorn kernels and business ideas? Feel free to Contact us today.

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