How Theatres are Generating Profit using supported Popcorn kernels

Popcorn and movies are closely associated. This tasty and savoury treat has been a movie-watching staple for years. Without popcorn, there is no such fun to watch movies or any shows in the theatre. The combination of different popular popcorn flavours, health-conscious choices, and the adaptability of popcorn to culinary trends has propelled the popularity of savoury popcorn as a flavourful and satisfying snack option. Popcorn boxes have become synonymous with the movie theatre experience. The tradition of eating popcorn at the movies dates back to the Great Depression when it was an affordable treat. 

Popcorn has a high profit margin for movie theatres

The association between popcorn and movie-watching became deeply ingrained in popular culture. Nowadays, going to the movies without popcorn boxes feels incomplete. The appealing and mouth-watering aroma creates a sensory experience that grabs people even if they haven’t initially planned to purchase popcorn. While the ticket prices might be shared with film studios, concessions, particularly popcorn, provide a great source of revenue for theatres. The affordability of popcorn kernels, flavourings, and oils means theatres can make extra profit on each sale.

The entertainment industry is changing day by day. Theatres always implement the latest trends and customer preferences to increase their profit in business. In essence, the tradition of enjoying popcorn at movie theatres has become a cultural phenomenon deeply embedded in the collective consciousness. This tradition continues to shape the way people experience movies, making popcorn a beloved and enduring part of the cinematic journey. 

Gourmet Popcorn Options:

Theatres offer a variety of gourmet popcorn flavours and toppings, such as caramel, cheese, chocolate, or unique seasonings. They create signature popcorn blends or collaborate with local food artisans for exclusive flavours. Offering premium or gourmet popcorn options at a higher price point can attract customers who are willing to pay more for a unique and enhanced popcorn experience. This may include flavours like caramel, cheese, or speciality blends.

Subscription Services:

They Introduce a popcorn subscription service where customers pay a monthly fee for a certain amount of popcorn each month or receive discounts on popcorn purchases.

Popcorn Merchandising:

Sometimes theatres sell branded popcorn merchandise, such as popcorn tubs, popcorn buckets or bags, to promote your theatre and create an additional revenue stream.

Combo Deals and Upgrades

Theatres generally offer combo deals that include popcorn along with other items like drinks, candies, or merchandise. This can encourage customers to spend more while providing them with better value. Introducing limited-time popcorn offerings or seasonal offerings can create a sense of novelty, encouraging the audience to try something new during their visit.

Customization Stations:

Theatres set up popcorn customization stations where customers can add their preferred flavours, seasonings or toppings to their popcorn, creating a personalised experience.

Popcorn Loyalty Programs:

Theatres implement a loyalty program so that the audience earns rewards or points for each popcorn buying, which helps to grab customer’s attention and boosts their profit.

Themed Promotions:

Running themed promotions around specific movies or events can boost popcorn sales. For example, creating unique popcorn flavours or packaging related to a blockbuster movie release can attract fans and increase sales.

Enhanced Concession Experiences:

Some theatres invest in enhancing the overall concession experience. This may include creating a comfortable and inviting concession area, offering a variety of snack options, and providing excellent customer service.

Partnerships and Sponsorships:

Theatres make partnerships with local businesses to create exclusive popcorn balls with unique flavours. Sponsorships with leading brands and business theatres can generate customers and extra revenue.


The popularity of popcorn in movie theatres is deeply rooted in tradition, adaptability, profitability, and the snack’s overall compatibility with the cinematic experience. It has become a symbol of the movie-going experience and norms for audiences around the world. It’s important to note that the strategies implemented can vary based on the location, target audience, and overall business model of the theatre. 

Bizznapop, a popular popcorn kernel supplier has gained immense recognition for offering cutting-edge solutions for popcorn-related products like popcorn machines. We are known as a leader in offering advanced innovative methods for raw materials supply, to theme parks, small and large theatres, restaurants, cafes and other businesses across South India with perfect pricing and exceptional services generating higher profits for businesses. Always keep in mind that the profit of this business may vary based on location, market trends and customer demographics. It’s crucial for theatres to adapt and experiment with unique strategies to find what works best for their target audience. 

We discussed some strategies for theatres based on customer’s preferences. Want to explore more about Popcorn kernels and business ideas? Contact us today.

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